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Entrance Examinations

IMC has enrollments twice a year; spring entry and fall entry.

The entrance examinations for IMC will take two forms. Candidates residing in Japan will take the Pattern A examination, candidates residing overseas the Pattern B examination. Candidates may not take both examinations in the same (spring or fall) examination period.

For inquiries please, email to imc@kwansei.ac.jp

Information Session for Prospective Students

Schedule of Information Session (PDF download)

Outline of Entrance Examination

Pattern A:
for residents in Japan including international residents living in Japan

  2017 Fall Entry 2018 Spring Entry
First Intake Second Intake
Qualifications for applications -University graduates or prospective graduates
-Overall English-ability. TOEFL scores of 85(iBT)or 570 (PBT) ,an IELTS score of 6.0, or a TOEIC score of 780 may be regarded as a general indication.
Student Intake 5 10 5
Type of Examination Document Assessment
Written Exam
Document Assessment
Written Exam
Document Assessment
Application Period Jun. 7 – 14, 2017 Nov. 8 - 15, 2017 Jan. 24 - 31, 2018
Examination Date Jul. 1, 2017 Dec. 2, 2017 Feb. 17, 2018
Announcement of Results Jul. 7, 2017 Dec. 8, 2017 Feb. 23, 2018

Information in detail (PDF download)
"Entrance Examination Information: Pattern A (Candidates resident in Japan)"

Application Form (PDF download)
"Entrance Examination Application Forms: Pattern A "

Cover Page of Essays (PDF download)

Mailing Label (PDF download)

Finance Information (Word download)

Pattern B:
for residents outside Japan, including Japanese citizens living overseas

  2017 Fall Entry 2018 Spring Entry
Qualifications for applications - University graduates or prospective graduates
- Required to submit GMAT scores as well as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or other internationally-recognized certificates of English-language ability
Student Intake 5 5
Type of Examination Selection based on documents submitted
Application Period Apr. 3 - Jun. 7, 2017 Sept. 19 - Nov. 1, 2017
Examination Date None
(Document Assessment Only)
Announcement of Results As soon as documents have been assessed

Information in detail (PDF download)
"Entrance Examination Information: Pattern B (Candidates resident overseas)"

Preliminary Inquiry Form (PDF download)
Please submit us "Preliminary Inquiry Form" in advance.(imc@kwansei.ac.jp)
Once approved,we will send you application forms.

Written Examinations for Pattern A in Past Years

2017 Spring Entry (PDF download)
2016 Fall Entry (PDF download)
2016 Spring Entry (PDF download)
2015 Fall Entry (PDF download)

Results of the 2014-2016 Entrance Examination

The results of the entrance examination for entry to the International Management Course of the Business School were as follows:

    Candidates Successful
Fall 2016 Pattern A 3 2 11
Pattern B 3 3
Pattern ABE・
11 7
Recommendation 1 1
Spring 2016 Pattern A 20 18 20
Pattern B 7 7
Fall 2015 Pattern A 3 3 14
Pattern B 6 6
Pattern ABE 7 7
Spring 2015 Pattern A 12 12 12
Pattern B 2 1
Recommendation 1 1
Fall 2014 Pattern A 3 2 4
Pattern B 4 3
Spring 2014 Pattern A 15 14 15
Pattern B 1 1