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Dean's Message

  • Shigeki Sadato
    Dean of Institute of Business and Accounting

Theory and practice

The Institute of Business and Accounting aims to cultivate talented professionals who have superior business ethics and specialties, and can act globally. To realize this, the Institute of Business and Accounting provides various curriculums that other graduate schools do not offer for business and accounting fields, responds to needs from a changing business field, and focuses on classes that teach corporate ethics and are held in English. We proud of the excellent balance that we strike between academic faculty and practice-based faculty that have extensive business experience, and we enable students to learn how to solve the challenges of complex economic activities from the perspective of both theory and practice.

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

Today, we are required to create new “heterogeneous” values and bring innovations without being bound by conventional wisdom. The Institute of Business and Accounting functions as a communication and networking space for adult students, faculty, guest speakers, and student graduates who have different experiences, values, and cultures. Please tackle not only the acquisition of logical and scientific thinking, and the latest knowledge and know-how, but also the creation of new “heterogeneous” values while building human connections. I would also like you to attempt new businesses or projects with an entrepreneurial spirit while in school.

Mastery for Service

The school motto of Kwansei Gakuin, “Mastery for Service”, means to learn not only for yourself, but also to train yourself to help your neighbors, and serve society and the world. Applying the motto to corporate activities, corporations should not only seek maximum profits for their individual groups, but also consider stakeholders, such as stockholders, employees, and business partners to create value by fulfilling their social responsibilities. Respecting the spirit of Mastery for Service, I would encourage students to both study and work.

I am excited that you are learning at the Institute of Business and Accounting and will create new “heterogeneous” values and act globally.