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IBA Outline

Institute of Business and Accounting (IBA) - Creating the Global Business Leaders of the 21st Century, with Advanced Professional Knowledge and Business Skills

Students from all over the world have come to the Institute of Business and Accounting at Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) to acquire the knowledge and expertise to enable them to deal with the complex problems presented by the rapidly changing global business environment.

They have left with not only a world-standard MBA degree, but equipped with the strategic expertise and knowledge which will enable them to become leaders and innovators in the business world of the 21st Century.


A variety of programs for full-spectrum training

The Institute of Business and Accounting (IBA) comprises the Business School, where students will be trained as world-class businesspersons, and the Accounting School, where students will be trained for positions as professional accountants in the global business field.

The Business School will offer a Corporate Strategic Management Course to provide businesspersons already in employment with training with a strongly practical emphasis, and an International Management Course (IMC), to provide mainly new university graduates and international students with the knowledge and skills they will need to play an active role in the realm of global business.

What is a professional graduate school?

Guidelines on establishing professional graduate schools, drawn up under the Japanese School Education Law, state that the professional graduate schools system aims to train human resources that possess socially specific and advanced professional skills and outstanding abilities. To achieve this goal, professional graduate schools are required to provide more full-time faculty members than those in conventional graduate schools and to employ a considerable number of instructors with practical experience in the business world.

The guidelines also prohibit the faculty members of a professional graduate school from working as full-time faculty in other departments or graduate schools. With regard to teaching methods, the guidelines require professional graduate schools to provide flexible and practical training, and a clear statement of course plans and evaluation criteria, as well as to make efforts toward the continuous improvement of course content and teaching methods. Thus, professional graduate schools need to meet high quality standards in terms of faculty, education methods, and facilities/equipment.

Part-time Student System

Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) operates a “Part-time Student System”, whereby students may take courses for credit without entering graduate school as degree-seeking students. Credits earned for appropriate courses in this way may be recognized for credit (up to a ceiling of 20 credits) after entry to the Institute of Business and Accounting. In these circumstances it is possible for students to graduate from the Institute in less than the standard term of two years. (A minimum of one year´s formal enrollment is required.)