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The Global Public Management (GPM) Program

“Global Public Management Program”, which aims to train professional who will be working globally at United Nations, International NGO or other diplomatic institutions, will be launched in Spring, 2017

1. A program designed to train professionals in global public management
Students start with the fundamentals of managing organizations. They then build on this to learn advanced topics in global public management, and gain expertise critical for international civil servants.

2. Degree and certificate that certify distinguished talent for global public service institutions.
Graduates earn an MBA and a Certificate for the Graduate Course in UN and Foreign Affairs Studies.

3. Highly distinguished GPM program faculty members

 Yasushi AKASHI

 Shun-ichi MURATA


 Takahiro SHINYO


The “Global Public Management Program” (hereinafter referred to as “GPM program”) is a newly launched program which aims to provide specialized knowledge of management of international public organizations to students who aspire to professional careers in public organizational management as highly specialized professionals. The curriculum is structured by combining carefully-selected MBA basic courses and advanced courses taught by instructors with practical experience at the front line in the United Nations or diplomatic institutions. Our aim is to enable students to gain advanced knowledge and ability required for them to work globally at international public sectors such as UN in the future. Advanced courses in GPM were designed so that they are consistent with “UN Competency Framework”, which is the standards for hiring staff members of UN. Furthermore, these courses, combined with internships at UN or other international institutions, enable students to integrate theoretical knowledge learned at school and practical skills. After completion of the GPM program at IMC, students will receive “Certificate for Graduate Course in UN and Foreign Affairs Studies (tentative)” in addition to an MBA degree.

Structure of courses and its uniqueness

Basic Courses

‘International Management,’ ‘Marketing Management,’ and ‘Principles of Finance’ are compulsory courses (i.e., mandatory) for students who major the Global Public Management program. Those courses provide students with fundamental knowledge of managing international organizations. In addition, the knowledge and skills obtained by taking ‘Making Ethical Decisions,’ ‘Marketing Strategy,’ and ‘Japanese Economy’ are a good foundation.

Course Description

Advanced Courses

Advanced courses of the program, including ‘International Public Policy’ ‘Management of International Organizations,’ ‘Seminar in Global Communication,’ ‘Seminar in Multilateral Negotiation’, ‘Seminar in Diplomacy, Peace and Security’ and ‘Global Sustainable Development’ among others, are designed to closely follow the UN Competency Framework, which is a set of competencies widely used to select, evaluate, and train talents at the United Nations as well as at other international organizations. ‘Internship in United Nations’ and ‘Internship in Diplomatic Institutions’ provide students with practical opportunities to apply skills and knowledge they have learned in the program to address issues and problems which professionals at the United Nations or other diplomatic institutions confront day and night.

Course Description