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Individual Research

Our major objective at IMC has been to train businesspersons with a global perspective and specialized knowledge by providing a high level of professional managerial expertise, applied skills, and English proficiency. As we accept experienced, as well as new university graduates, we focus on offering a practical education useful not only for finding employment but also for becoming a valued member of an organization.

“Individual Research (IR)”, a mandatory portion of Advanced Courses, is the culmination of an educational blend of ‘theory and practice’ at our business school. Under instructions from a faculty member of a student’s choice, students are responsible to select specific business issues, individually research them, and complete business reports (roughly 40-50 pages) in about 4 months.

The choice of research topic is entirely up to the student. Some students choose companies/industries of their own interest, and others select to study their original employers. Whichever company or industry they choose, most research topics are closely related to their future career developments. They then devote themselves to research actual business issues quantitatively and qualitatively, by collecting both public and in-house data, interviewing relative parties, carefully analyzing their findings, and developing resolutions. As students make full use of various analytical approaches they learn at IMC, IR effectively prepares students to apply their learning to their own real business issues after graduation. In addition, in the research process they can improve their communication skills essential to actual business environments while taking advantage of their existing connections and expanding their human networks.

IR Course is conducted by a small group; 2-3 students per faculty member so that students can get detailed and highly customized instructions on their research topics from the instructor. These individual instructions can also offer students good opportunities to go through mock job interviews. The IR is highly evaluated by graduates as the complete training course to raise practicing professionals.